Saturday, June 25, 2005

Early Saturday Morning

It's just after 8 am, and I have been up for an hour and a half. The teething baby is the reason for this morning's early exit from a snuggly bed. She has acquired two lower teeth and is now in the process of adding upper teeth. The teething process has made my otherwise wonderful, cheerful baby into a pathetic, and sometimes monstrous, individual.

It's really not all that problematic that the kiddo woke us up early this morning. I head to my first class meeting for the six-week yoga intensive I decided to take - get back into shape a bit, and get out of the house a bit, as well. I still need to fingure out exacxtly what I am going to wear, since none of the exercise-friendly clothing I own even remotely fits anymore (it was all purchased during a fitness kick a few years ago, when I regularly rode our stationary bike for 30 minutes to an hour almost daily, and, weight aside, when I had a much lower total percentage of body fat).

Well, my mind says it's not problematic that I am up at this time on a weekend. My body, on the other hand, protesting from an early morning yesterday (caused by the damn tornado sirens going off for a thunderstorm warning just before 6:30 yesterday, which of course woke the teething one), a kind of late night last night (Eric and housemate have folks over on Fridays), and another unexpectedly early awakening this morning, is clamoring for me to refill my coffee cup before going to investigate the state of my workout apparel (and the state of my child's diaper - whihc do you think is worse?).

On that note, clamoring and investigating ensue. Hope you got lots of sleep!

- posted by laurie @ 6/25/2005 06:06:00 AM
it's almost 8 a.m. here and i've been up for about half an hour. because i have to GO TO SCHOOL and take a class from 9-1 every saturday for the next TEN WEEKS. waaaaaaah!
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