Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Digits crossed, please

So, pending accptance of our application, we're moving here. It's practically next-door toEric's new place of employment (less than a mile, crow-flying-measurements, maybe two miles, as the car drives). It's a little further than next-door for me, and considering we're possibly going to keep daycare in Eagan through kiddo's birthday and maybe longer, I'm looking at a potential 60 to 90 minute commute to campus (to Eagan to drop off kiddo, from Eagan to campus to teach, go to meetings, whatever).

If you're a Twin Cities type (or even if you're not), I'd like to point out that our new place of residence, while staunchly suburban and mostly middle-class-bland (from what I can tell), is a place that made headlines last summer when they announced their intention to support a wireless municipal network for about 16.00/month.

This was not the impetus behind the move to Chaska. Municipal wireless is cool, but not cool enough to draw me that far from, well, everything. Just saying, if you've got to be that far from civilization, cheap and ubiquitous wireless is a decent consolation prize.

Anyway, the move happens THE LAST WEEKEND OF JULY if our application is accepted (can you tell it's making me nervous, not having a definitve answer on this?). Now, my smart friends and readers, go to a calendar and. Count. The. Days. We will likely take posession on the 29th and move in on the 30th, getting settled on the 31st, so that Eric can happily go off to his first day of the new job on the 1st of August. Today: 13th. Move-in day: 30th. 30-13=17. Two weeks and three days.

Am I allowed to panic now?

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