Sunday, July 10, 2005

What a week!

So many things going on right now! E. accepted a new job this past week, and since it is quite a commute from where we currently live, we're moving. We were planning on moving anyway, but it looks like it will be by the end of this month or the beginning of next month - NOT our original timeline! So, we spent all of Tuesday afternoon and part of Wednesday afternoon apartment shopping. I went and put in an application and deposit for our top pick on Friday. We won't know until the end of this week, so keep your fingers crossed. The only major downside of this move is that we will lose our fabulous day care provider, though we may have to keep the kiddo with her until the end of September, at which point the baby will become a toddler. After her first birthday she will be much easier to place in a daycare setting (and also, less expensive).

Also, made a badge for this site with my photos from flickr - cool, and it actually worked. I am really perplexed by the unexplained mutation of the fonts on my blog's index page. I really, really need a new template. I really, really need to find someone to make me a new template. In order to justify such a thing, however, I really need to blog more than once every blue moon, and to do some actual substantive writing. Seeing that we're moving in less than three weeks and only became aware of the need to do so this past week, however, I don't foresee a big change in the look, feel, or content of this site. Because I also have reading to do and classes to plan (teaching a new course this year!) - I need to get ahead in the planning department because I am teaching three courses this year, a standard load, but they are all different - three classes, three preps. I have taught or been TA for all, but still. One's an online course, which I am greatly looking forward to, but that is not until the Spring semester.

I'm rambling. Too many thoughts in my head, too many things to do. Additionally, I need to get moving on the purchase of a new (to me, anyway) vehicle. Mine's about to fall apart, and a Hyundai Accent hatchback is not, not NOT the most family-friendly car a mommy could be driving. Definitely check out my flickr page, though - new cute pictures of the kid abound. I finally found the battery charger for my camera, and had to take advantage of that fact.


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