Monday, October 10, 2005

Breaking America's grip on the net (Guardian Unlimited)

So it's a few days old, but I have been under a communicative rock at this conference, where I gave a paper on new-ish research on women and intellectual property in an international context. Anyway, apparently while I was waay far away from computers with internet (somewhat intentionally), it appears that the US has begun to lose its control of the internet. Good thing? I suppose that depends on you position on the issue in general, as well as what you think of the solution offered (as detailed by this Guardian Unlimited article).

I have to say, I think that the US probably has way too much control over what is increasingly (and really should be) a global resource. The solution, though, made me groan. It sounds like a bureaucratic, slow-moving, contentious nightmare waiting to happen. On the other hand, the alternatives are. . . ? I mean, we can't just let the thing run itself (can we?).

bringing it home: "And what about business? Will a governmental body running the internet add unnecessary bureaucracy or will it bring clarity and a coherent system? Mueller is unsure: 'The idea of the council is so vague. It's not clear to me that governments know what to do about anything at this stage apart from get in the way of things that other people do.'"

Probably. But maybe they could learn ;)

completely OT: Am I back to semiregular blogging? Not sure. I'm considering it. We'll see how long I can remember this time . . .

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