Monday, October 31, 2005

File under recent and relevant: Alito on Copyright

The fine folks over at Copyfight give us this today: Alito on Copyright.

The story sounds a bit ominous at first, citing Alito's "marked tendency to enforce contracts as written" (and Copyfight here is quoting Laura Quilter quoting Ideoblog). Quilter and Copyfight's Donna Wentworth note that this may be of great concern, especially for those interested in EULAs, shrink/click wrap licenses, and reverse-engineering. By the way, for a list of other decisions/opinions and links to other blogs and sites with info on Alito, give Quilter's post a good read.

An update to the story, on the other hand, quotes William Patry, who believes that "Copyright lawyers should cheer the appointment" of Alito, who was the author of two opinions, both of which Paltry says are "thoughtful looks at basic questions of originality" (the full post is worth the read, as are the comments).

We'll see how it all shakes out eventually, I suppose.

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