Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Copyright Prank [SIVACRACY.NET]

Hee hee! I love this:

Unhappy Birthday is a site that (wink wink) encourages you to turn in offenders who sing 'Happy Birthday' illegally. If all goes as planned. ASCAP and Time-Warner will be flooded with reports of infringement! This should keep their lawyers busy for years!

Not only is this a really funny copyright-related joke (at least in my geeky opinion), but the site also provides good background on the history of "Happy Birthday," an explanation of why it is [still] protected under copyright, and how singing it in many public places or contexts, without paying royalties, is a copyright infringement.

Didn't you ever wonder why restaurants (the ones that indulge in this kind of stuff) have their very own tacky, annoying birthday ditties?

Well, there's your answer.

Now, remember to turn in anyone you suspect of infringing upon Time-Warner's copyrights, and keep their lawyers busy, busy, busy!

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