Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Inside Higher Ed :: Between What’s Right and What’s Easy

Catching up on some ccc-ip list messages, including a link to an article from Friday's Inside Higher Ed. The article takes the integration of a CCC permissions "building block" into (mega-CMS, after recent merge with WebCT) Blackboard as a starting point to discuss the erosion of fair use in the academy. I agree with the author, and especially like the following:

Between What’s Right and What’s Easy: "Faculty and their universities should be at the forefront of the push for a more robust fair use, one that affirmatively protects “multiple copies for classroom use” when their distribution is noncommercial, especially as getting electronic readings to students is becoming ever cheaper and more practical."

Also, for those interested in the IP issue (especially the range of opinions and the divisiveness this topic can create), the comments are very definitely worth checking out. There are comments by folks ranging from university press director to first-year student to the director of the Free Curricula Center.

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