Monday, October 24, 2005

Open Office 2.0

So after following the discussion about it on the TechRhet listserv over the past few days, I decided to


I used OpenOffice 1 for a while, but got frustrated with it and reverted back to Word. I didn't like the way it handled opening and saving files, especially files that were originally saved by Word or other non-OO applications. I DO love the ability to export directly into .pdf format, though, and kept OO on my machine just because of that feature, long after I kind of abandoned everything else OO. I'm going to give 2.0 a fair trial, though, and see if it's worth scrapping Word (to be honest, I'll probably still keep MS Office on my computers - in part because, with weak organizational skills, moving twice in the last year and a half, and a mind that is sometimes less than keen, what with the baby-related sleep deprivation, I am not sure where my install discs for MS Office have even gone to - so reinstallation may not be an option).

Asides aside, give Open Office a try. And I'll tell you what: our future computers will never ever run brand-new versions of Word (or other office programs). I would never ever buy another MS Office product again, ever. Why? Really, even with educational pricing/discounts, it's not worth it.

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