Thursday, October 27, 2005

Strawberry smell trademark denied

From BBC NEWS: Strawberry smell trademark denied: "The company argued that while strawberries may look and taste different, they all smell the same, and as a result could be trademarked.

The court took a different view, and smell experts found that instead of just one aroma, strawberries can in fact have up to five different, distinct scents."

Wow. Can you imagine the smell that, perhaps, brings you back to childhood or makes you remember a perfect summer day picking strawberries with a significant other, reminds you of your kids covered with smooshed berries or of your grandma taking strawberry pie out of the over - or whatever - being trademarked?

I guess it's a good thing there are different strawberry smells, right?

Unbelievable. The quest to lock down every possible ownable molecule of culture progresses apace, folks.

- posted by laurie @ 10/27/2005 04:21:00 PM
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