Saturday, November 26, 2005

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So, following the referrer log links and then doing a little sleuthing, I turned up the current blog of one of the first people to blogroll me whom I hadn't met in person (he derolled me shortly thereafter, but these things happen, especially when you're an infrequent and sometimes spazzy blogger). Interesting.

Also, for anyone following the saga of the lost flashdrive (um, just me, probably, and Eric because I whine about it semi-daily), I found it last week. Yippee! I really was beginning to wonder if it had dematerialized. Which would be a sad thing to have happen to your less-than-six-months-old overpriced 1 gig flashdrive. The sneaky flashdrive managed to get itself wedged down into the corner of a pocket of a much-loved but seldom-worn jacket that is absolutely too light for Minnesota winter wear. I dragged it out of the closet once this year, and I guess I put the flashdive in my pocket, then returned the coat to the closet, where I promptly forgot it ever existed. Now if I can only find my purse . . . (worry not, my wallet and keys aren't in the missing purse).

Finally, a word of advice to out-of-shape amateur knitters: after a knitting hiatus of several months, don't decide in November to knit everyone you know holiday gifts. Your flabby wrists will complain mightily.

Off to retrieve no longer napping child from crib. She's chatting with the mirror in her crib at the moment, but those conversations only last so long.

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