Friday, November 11, 2005

First Woman President in Africa!

Check out the BBC NEWS | Africa | Q&A: Liberia's election: it appears that the first presidential elections in Liberia in 14 years were, according to observers, "free, fair, and transparent," and have also resulted in the election of the first woman president in Africa.

A good section from the BBC Q&A:

Is it a surprise that Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf seems to have won?

To some extent. Liberia remains a male-dominated society and some thought, despite her "Iron Lady" nickname, a woman would not be tough enough to deal with all the challenges ahead - including the ex-combatants.

And George Weah's life story of going from a Monrovia slum to footballer of the year attracted many people looking for some hope in the war-torn country.

But Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf's supporters highlighting Mr Weah's lack of education seems to have worked.

She is a Harvard-educated banker and so, her supporters argued, was the perfect person to get Liberia's economy up and running.

They also said the country needed a healing, woman's touch after being destroyed by men.

The final election results have not been certified, and there are still charges of irregularities from Weah and his supporters. Regardless, it seems like a noteworthy event.

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