Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Turkey

Still here, folks. We had a great Thanksgiving, courtesy of our former housemate's mom, who hosted a fantastic, fantastic dinner at her brand-new house. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnips (which I discovered I like), herbed biscuits and honey butter, gravy with and without giblets, 2 kinds of pie, red wine, white wine, Apple Spice beer (actually not bad - tasted more like a cider, though), good friends, good conversation, some holiday-gift knitting, and a post-dinner viewing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The kiddo crashed out during the Thanksgiving meal, and then we took turns snuggling with her as she napped

Yesterday morning we awoke to a pretty, snow-covered landscape. The kiddo went out in snowpants two sizes too big for her and had her first real experience with snow (last year she was too little and immobile to interact with the white stuff). It was a very mixed experience: she appeared to have a bit of fun, but didn't like getting the snow on her mittens - she cried until we dusted her mittens off and replaced them on her hands. She thought Mommy and Daddy kicking and throwing snow up into the air was quite funny, but trying the same herself got the white stuff on her mittens . . . I think she tolerated a whole 10 - 15 minutes of snow play before we decided to head her back inside.

The rest of the day was spent lounging, playing with kiddo, and watching TV - mostly Baby Einstein videos.

Today and tomorrow E is actually at work, so it's just mommy and baby, playing together. And that means I have to go, because right now she's trying to figure out which cords attached to the computer are the most fun to pull. Eek!

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