Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh, Sony, if any company should know better . . .

Just a note, because I'm busy girl today, but check this headline:PC Pro: News: Sony's DRM woes expand to include copyright infringement

That copy-protection hullabaloo? Well, the DRM software apparently infringed the copyright of some open-source code (specifically, LAME, licensed under the LGPL).

Read licenses, Sony. Make sure your contractors respect copyright. Surely your high-powered lawyers should be able to do that much? (more here and here)

Also interesting: The Washington Post notes that Sony and Amazon are annoucing how customers with the "tainted" CDs can exchange them - for a clean copy of the same CD or MP3 downloads of the song. Nice.

Well, errands and grading beckon. Have a happy Friday!

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