Wednesday, November 16, 2005

*sniff* 'bye, mary.

I am much less of a music fan that I used to be, but there are still a few bands that just rock my world. They Might Be Giants is the big one, but a very close second is the naughty Maryland girl who goes by the name of Mary Prankster (and who I just happened to discover because she was opening for TMBG at the 9:30 club). She rocks, in a bad-girl-with-tattoos-and-surplus-attitude kind of way. But soon, very soon, all that praise will have to be shifted into the past tense . . .

Sad news for Mary Prankster fans: "MARY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING... Please join Mary Prankster for her FAREWELL SHOWS this PRANKSGIVING WEEKEND as she rocks the Mid Atlantic one last time!

After ten years, four albums and countless fond, fuzzy memories, Baltimore's hometown girl is retiring the wicked whiplash wink that made her an underground cult hero and wants YOU there to see her off in style!

I only got to see her a few times, which is unfortunate, and there's no way that the grad-student-mom-of-toddler-living-in-Midwest-on-a-budget person I am at the moment will be able to make it to any of the Pranksgiving or other Farewell Tour locations (all Mid Atlantic locations). That said, I'm pretty sure I can understand the retirement impulse. Being a precious indie bad girl (with a day job, I believe) can only get you but so far past mid-twentyhood without burning you out, driving you crazy, or destroying you.

Anyway, *cheers* to ten years of Mary - go buy stuff while it's still in stock - and if you're in the Mid Atlantic, go say farewell for me, 'k?

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