Friday, December 16, 2005

BBC NEWS | Health | Key gene 'controls skin colour'

Emerging from grading to note that this is, for lack of brainpower and analystical function right now, "interesting": BBC NEWS | Health | Key gene 'controls skin colour'

Also falling under the heading of "cool" - the fact that this research is coming out of Penn State, still near and dear to my heart, and that the research involves zebrafish, because they apparently share certain genetic similarities to humans and because their pigmentation mechanisms are similar to ours.

back to grading now. must. finish. soon. getting. r. s. i. symptoms. starting. to. give. spoken. commands. to. mac.

p.s. - any random person out there who feels like giving me a present: I want a wireless ergonomic keyboard for the laptop. the cool split kind. laptop keyboards are becoming a problem for me. Think I need to see a doc about this, perhaps.

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