Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Semi-permanent Semi-hiatus status

Wow, what a holiday season! We had a wonderful time in Florida, where all of E's immediate family and a few members of mine all gathered together to celebrate the holidays (and where we celebrated the warmer weather!). I had a good break from the computer, a positive development for me and my repetitive-stress-plagued arms. Which brings me to the topic of this post:

I'm having problems with tendonitis in both wrists, the mouse-hand worse than the non-mouse hand. I already use ergonomic products, but have recently begun using a splint. I use voice commands with my laptop where possible. My posture has always been a struggle, but it's one I am taking more seriously now. Hopefully some of these measures, along with a more concerted effort to use keyboard shortcuts and take frequent breaks, will keep me from doing more damage to my poor body.

I am teaching online this semester. I have a lot of things to accomplish, many of which involve sitting at a computer and making repetitive little motions with my hands. I've been blogging a lot less consistently lately, and I am also, frankly, tired of having to justify my choice to remain here at blogger (um, free, four years of post archives, some brand loyalty, to name a few reasons). Additionally, you know, there's the kid: she takes up time I used to devote to other things, and she's at an age and a height where she enjoys "helping" mom and dad with their computer tasks.

Something has to give, and right now, it's the Memex. I'm not deleting the blog, or even declaring it dead. There might be a post or two here and there, from time to time, now and then. But any efforts to maintain a regular, online presence here are on hold, effective . . . now

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