Monday, March 13, 2006

Memex is four, the poor neglected child.

Four years and three days ago, I published the first entry on this weblog. Yesterday, I claimed, in response to a friend announcing her creation of a livejounral, that I would never blog again. That, of course, was a momentary impulse expressed in a hyperbolic manner, but my follow-up to that was, "four years is enough, don't you think?"

My answer this morning has to be a noncomittal "maybe, maybe not." I'm still very ambivalent about blogging. I still think there are many, many more important things for me to do. I still think, too, that if I do take up regular posting again, that I will have to move away from blogger. And, even though I am a neglectful blog parent (in part because I'm busy trying to be a good real parent), I still have great affection for this thing into which I have (not currently, but in the past) poured energy, emotion, and information.

and that's it for now.

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