Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BBC NEWS | South Asia | India bloggers angry at net ban

Interesting BBC article about blocked blogs/blog hosts in India and questions about freedom of speech:

BBC NEWS | South Asia | India bloggers angry at net ban: "The country's 153 internet service providers (ISP) have blocked 17 websites since last week on federal government orders.

Some of these sites belong to Google's Blogspot, a leading international web log hosting service."

Seems that bloggers are angry and tense (quite understandably), and that the government claims no blanket bans against specific services - but that they can limit access to certain kinds of sites:

"A federal government notification of July 2003 says it can ban websites in the interest of:

* sovereignty or integrity of India
* security of the state
* friendly relations with foreign states and public order
* preventing incitement to commissioning of any cognisable offences.

The sites that have been banned include ones with right-wing Hindu links and an anti-Communist one. At least four of them are on the Blogspot hosting service."

The article further notes that many bloggers have made requests under India's "new landmark freedom of information law" in order to secure further information about the blocks.

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